Storm Damage Roof Repair in Kirkland, WA

storm damaged roof covered in leaves and other debris

Roofing Formula LLC Can Be the Calm After a Storm

Patches of roof covered in blue tarp. Shingles littering lawns — violently ripped from their home on the roof above. And little picket signs promoting local roofing companies and tree removal services in the yards of proactive neighbors. 

It’s the scene in a town that has recently experienced a powerful storm. The tragedy caused by natural events is bone-chilling. Strong, persistent winds can snap tree branches and tear shingles from your roofing deck. They can rip off sections of your gutters and even send objects careening onto your roof.

In the face of a roofing emergency, working with someone skilled and experienced can make all the difference. For storm damage roof repair in Kirkland, WA, call Roofing Formula LLC. Our roofing experts treat your roof damage with the urgency it deserves and can help you get your roof restored to its original condition. Call us at (425) 207-6016, and schedule your inspection and repair today.

Act Quick When Your Roof is Damaged

If your town has recently experienced severe weather, reach out to a local roofer for a roof inspection. This is the best way to catch roof damage early on. The longer you wait, the more severe the damage will become. While some roof damage is subtle, other times, it is more obvious. Here are a few indicators that your roof has incurred some damage.

  • Missing granules. Asphalt shingles and stone-coated steel roofing systems are coated with protective granules. The granules are meant to protect from ultraviolet radiation. However, hail, high levels of precipitation, snow, and ice can all cause these granules to scuff off. If you notice a lot of granules while cleaning your gutters, you can bet that your roof has incurred some damage.
  • Damaged or missing roofing material. If you see cracked, curling, or missing shingles, reach out to a roofing professional as soon as possible. Damaged shingles expose the roofing felt and deck beneath and make leaks an imminent threat.
  • Water infiltration. Water inside the home is an indicator that there’s a leak going on somewhere outside the home. Since water flows downstream, you’ll usually notice leaks downhill from the actual point of origin. Left unattended, leaks can cause mold and mildew, water damage, and potential collapse. 

Will my insurance policy cover the cost of fixing or repairing my roof?

Even if your roof has been severely affected by harsh weather, there is good news. Generally, homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost of fixing or replacing a roof damaged by a storm. If damage is the result of a natural disaster or a sudden accident, you will likely receive a payout from your policy. However, insurance claims must be filed within a year of damage, and documentation and photographic evidence of the damage must be provided. Failing to do so properly could result in the denial of your claim. Roofing Formula LLC’s residential roofers have many years of experience helping customers recoup after a storm. We can perform inspections, complete forms, and provide photographs of damage to be submitted to your insurance company.

From Start to Finish, We’re Here to Help

Knowing who to trust after a roofing emergency can be a difficult choice. After all, roofs are a costly investment, and you don’t want to trust just anyone to complete the necessary work. Roofing Formula LLC has more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry and is well-acquainted with storm damage roof repairs. Kirkland, WA, residents can call (425) 207-6016 for all their residential roofing needs. We can inspect and repair your roof and even provide help with filing your insurance claim. You have questions, and we have answers, so call today.

  • Emergency Roof Repair During an emergency, every second counts. We can help you get started on the road to restoration.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help Home insurance policies typically cover the cost of roof repairs and replacements if damage was caused by an act of nature, something outside your control, or a sudden accident. But obtaining your payout can be a lengthy process. Let us help.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired / Patched Don’t neglect a leaking roof. Instead, address roofing issues as soon as you notice them to prevent costlier, more extensive repairs.