Skylight Cleaning In Seattle


Skylights can look great, but they can easily become gross and dirty without proper skylight cleaning. It’s important to call a professional with proven experience to do the job. We can help clean your skylight efficiently with no risk of damage, so the sunlight in your home can be bright again.

seattle skylight cleaning

Our Process

To clean skylights, we remove any accumulated debris or films on the glass or plastic. Professional skylight cleaning is especially important with plastic skylights, as haze can form on the plastic and be difficult to remove should it be allowed to accumulate. In addition, we can clean the interior of the skylight by removing dust and spider webs.


Why Do You Need To Clean Your Skylights?

The obvious reason is the ugly look of skylights when not cleaned once or twice a year. But, it’s also important to note that back and forth scraping can trap abrasive materials under the blade causing scratches and possibly permanent damage to the glass. Cleaning your skylight regularly through a professional will help prevent the use of scrapers.

skylight installation and cleaning in seattle
seattle skylight installation and cleaning

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