Torch Down Roofing

home with a flat torch down roof

Help For Your Home’s Roof

Torch down roofing has been gaining in popularity among homeowners in recent years. This roofing process, similar to more traditional modified bitumen roofing, is a great choice for homes that experience a lot of bad weather or for those that simply want a durable roof. If you’re thinking about torch down roofing in Kirkland, WA or the surrounding area for your home, the Roofing Formula LLC team can be there to help you. Just call (425) 207-6016 if you would like to learn more.

What Is Torch Down Roofing?

Torch down roofing is made up of multiple layers of materials. This includes a layer of asphalt-saturated felt that is covered with a mineral surfaced cap sheet. The torch down method of installation involves using a propane torch to heat the adhesive, causing it to melt and adhere to the roof surface.

This type of roofing offers a number of benefits for homeowners. One of the biggest advantages is that it is an incredibly durable roofing system. Its ability to withstand high winds and heavy rains makes it an ideal choice for those who live in areas that are prone to bad weather. Additionally, torch down roofing is a low-maintenance option. Once it is installed, there is no need to worry about regularly maintaining or repairing the roof. If at any point damage does occur, it can be taken care of quickly by our skilled roofing professionals so you can be certain your roof will stay in great shape for years to come.

Professional Installation and Repair

If you’re looking for a professional roofer to help you with your torch down roofing, the Roofing Formula LLC team is here for you. We have years of experience installing this type of roofing, and we know how to do it right so that you can enjoy its many benefits. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from determining whether torch down roofing is truly the right choice for your home to providing high-quality roof installation. Additionally, you can always rely on us if you find yourself in need of a helping hand with any future roof repairs.

Get in Touch With Our Team

Do you think torch down roofing may be the right choice for your home? Perhaps you already have this kind of roofing and suspect you may be in need of repairs. If you need help with torch down roofing in Kirkland, WA or the surrounding area, just reach out to us. Call (425) 207-6016.