Roof Installation

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Need a New Roof?

Most people only think about getting a new roof when there’s a leak. But it’s actually a good idea to schedule a roof installation on a regular basis, whether it leaks or not. Doing so can help you avoid major repair bills down the line, to your roof as well as your home, because a damaged roof can lead to a wide range of problems including serious water damage. If you’re in need of a roof installation in Kirkland, WA or any surrounding cities, the team at Roofing Formula LLC can be there for you. Just call (425) 207-6016 if you’re ready to learn more.

When to Schedule Roof Installation

Exactly how often you need a new roof installation will depend on various factors, including the type of roof you have and its average lifespan. For example, a traditional asphalt shingle roofing system will usually last for around 20 years, while a metal roof can last for up to 50 years. Other factors that can affect how often you need a new roof include the weather conditions in your area and the level of maintenance your roof has received over time.

Another thing to remember is that in many cases, if a roof has sustained severe damage, it is often a better value to schedule a roof installation rather than attempt to repair the structure. Likewise, if your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, it may be time to consider a replacement, even if there is no damage. By taking these proactive measures, you can avoid an emergency roof installation down the line.

Help From Real Roofing Pros

At our company, we have extensive experience with roof installation. We understand the importance of a proper installation, and our team is dedicated to providing quality workmanship that will last with every installation that we do. We always work closely with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the final product, and we always take care to protect their property during the installation process. This is all a part of our commitment to ensure that every client we work with is completely satisfied.

Our experience with roof installation includes many different types of roofing materials as well. Among the many different types of roofing we can help with are:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs: Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofing materials on the market, and they offer a wide range of benefits. They are also some of the most affordable options, making them a great choice for budget-minded homeowners.
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofs are increasing in popularity due to their durability and energy efficiency. These roofs can last for decades with the proper care, making them a great long-term investment.
  • PVC roofs: PVC roofs are a type of synthetic roofing material that is designed to mimic the look of traditional materials like clay tile or slate. These roofs are very durable and low-maintenance, and they can also be very affordable.
  • TPO roofs: TPO roofs are another type of synthetic roofing material, and they are designed to be both durable and energy-efficient. TPO roofs are becoming increasingly popular as a residential roofing option.
  • Torch down roofing: Torch down roofing is a type of modified bitumen roofing that is applied using a torch instead of traditional hot mopping methods. This roofing material is very durable and weather-resistant, making it a great choice for homes in areas with severe weather conditions

Even if you aren’t certain which type of roof is best for your home, our team can be there to lend a hand. We will work with you to find the best possible solution.

Reach Out to Our Team

If you’re ready for a roof installation in Kirkland, WA or the surrounding area, we’re ready to help. We can also be there to lend a hand with roof inspection, roof repairs, and a variety of other services. Get things started by giving us a call at (425) 207-6016 to learn more or to schedule your service.