Importance Of Roof Maintenance

It is hard to maintain your roof, but roof maintenance is important throughout the lifetime of the roof. During it’s life, homeowners must fight against a lot of different problems including moss, algae, roofing debris, branches falling on the house, hailstorms, leaks, roofing punctures and many other things. To maintain your roof properly we will give you a couple of pieces of advice on how to do that. 

Clean Your Roof!

As you might guess, an important step for roof maintenance is cleaning. Moss will not only make your roof look dirty, but it will also cause leaks because it can lift shingles and allow water to enter. Moss is one of the many threats that you will have to fight when maintaining the integrity of your roof. 

Gutter Cleaning

Roof maintenance isn’t just about the roof, it also includes the drainage system of your house. Maintain your roof by keeping your gutters always clean. If your gutters get dirty, they have a big chance of getting clogged which can lead to water overflow and damage to the eaves of your roof. 

Trim Your Trees

Another step for roof maintenance is to keep branches hanging on top of the roof away, if you don’t do that the chances of having a tree branch puncture your roof is high. So, in order to maintain your roof, keep the tree branches away. That will help you avoid having any roofing maintenance in the future. 

Be Consistent About Cleaning   

Cleaning the roof is one of the most important steps in roof maintenance, not only to maintain your roof but also for cosmetic aspects. Either way, make sure to follow all the roof maintenance steps above not only to maintain your roof but also to avoid any roof maintenance in the future.  

Call Roofing Formula

Although it may sound easy to maintain your roof yourself, we recommend hiring a trained professional! Avoid any risk of injury and having to purchase cleaning equipment by calling Roofing Formula to clean your roof and gutters in the Seattle area.

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