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shingle roof with spots of damage marked by insurance adjuster

Get the Help You Need After a Roofing Emergency

If your roof has recently been ravaged by severe weather, your home insurance company may very well cover the cost of repairs or replacements. Most often, your insurance will pay for damage caused by an act of nature or a sudden, accidental event. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by storms, vandalism, smoke, falling objects, volcanic eruptions, and the weight of ice. These and other perils are often covered by your insurance company. However, your insurance agent will need specific documentation and photographic evidence of the damage to process your claim. Failing to provide necessary documents (or doing so incorrectly) may result in denial of your insurance claim.

A roofing emergency is stressful enough without having to navigate the complicated roof insurance claims process. Roofing Formula LLC has over a decade of experience in the roofing industry and offers roof insurance claims help in Kirkland, WA. We partner with you to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to as a policy holder. If you’ve recently experienced a roofing emergency and need help recovering, call the roofing experts at Roofing Formula LLC. (425) 207-6016 is the only number you need, so call today.

My roof insurance claim was denied. Now what?

When you reach out to your insurance company to file a claim, they will either send out an insurance adjuster to perform an inspection or request that you contact a local, licensed roofer to perform an inspection. If an adjuster comes out to your property, he or she may not find sufficient evidence to approve your claim. This is, sadly, often the case, as it is not profitable for insurance companies to approve every roof claim that comes in. If this happens, by law, you are entitled to a second visit by a different adjuster. If the second adjuster fails to find sufficient evidence, you can request an engineer to come out and assess the structural stability of the roof. If this too fails, you may need to pay for roof repairs out-of-pocket.

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When filing a roof insurance claim, working with an experienced professional is essential. In King County, Washington, Roofing Formula LLC can help during every step of your roofing journey. We can perform roof inspections, help file insurance claims, and perform any necessary repairs or replacements. Who you work with matters, and when you work with Roofing Formula LLC, you’re working with the best. Click or call (425) 207-6016 to get started.