Skylight Repair / Replacement - Skylight leak repair

roofer working on a home's skylight

Flood Your Home with Light…Not Water

Skylights allow natural light to flood your space, and some skylights open, providing additional ventilation. But if seals dry rot, flashing becomes loose, or the glass breaks, skylights can flood your home with more than just sunlight.

Stains in the ceiling around the skylight hint that the flashing outside has failed. Water around the glass suggests that the seal around the glass is compromised, and cracked glass is apparent even to the untrained eye. The intensity of the skylight repair depends on the cause of the damage. If the skylight’s seal has failed, applying fresh caulking or silicone can usually fix the issue. Rotted roofing deck boards that have made the flashing fail require a more intense remedy. However, it’s important to bear in mind that aiming to alter or fix a skylight immediately negates any warranties that are in effect, so if you’re concerned about product warranty, be sure to hire a licensed roofer for skylight repair.

Common Problems with Skylights

Skylight leaks often happen when the flashing between the roof and skylight frame loosens. Corroded skylight frames can also cause leaks. Fog and condensation are another common issue with skylights. This could mean that water is somehow penetrating between window panes. Condensation left unattended breeds mold growth along skylight window frames. Moisture issues in the skylight tend to be caused by faulty flashing, seals, and frames. Tree branches, hail, and debris from storms can cause the glass of your skylight to crack. While sometimes the crack can be patched, other times, it’s best to just replace the entire glass.

While it is possible to repair damaged components of a skylight, sometimes replacing the skylight is the better option. In Kirkland, WA, skylight replacement and repair is just a call away at (425) 207-6016. Our roofers can help diagnose issues with your skylight and offer solutions at an affordable price.

If you need skylight repair services in Kirkland, Roofing Formula LLC call our roofers at (425) 207-6016. We can help you decide on the best course of action to keep your home sunny and leak-free.