Residential Roofers in Burien, WA

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Help Recovering After a Storm

Patches of roof covered in blue tarp. Shingles littering lawns — violently ripped from their home on the roof above. And little picket signs promoting local roofing companies and tree removal services in the yards of proactive neighbors. 

It’s the scene in a town that has recently experienced a powerful storm. The tragedy caused by natural events is bone-chilling. Strong, persistent winds can snap tree branches and tear shingles from your roofing deck. They can rip off sections of your gutter and even send objects careening onto your roof.

Roof Restoration is Just a Call Away

Storms can damage roofs in many ways. Hail can create dents and pockmarks, which weaken the integrity of your roof and can cause potential leaks. Strong gusts of winds can curl or entirely rip shingles off the roofing deck. Torrential rain can cause leaks and flooding, and if the roof doesn’t drain properly, there’s the chance of roof sag from pooled water. Then, there’s the potential for lightning strikes and debris, like tree limbs, falling onto the roof. To be sure, extreme weather can cause significant damage to any roofing system. While metal roofs can hold up against some of the fiercest storms, it’s still not indestructible. And other more typical residential roofing systems — like asphalt shingle roofs — can totally be annihilated by inclement weather. If you’re suffering after a severe storm, give us a call at (425) 207-6016 to learn how we can help.

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